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Custom Body Stockings

All Net - To Be Worn Under Costumes


Stretch Net  Similar to heavy pantyhose fabric. Light support. Slightly slippery. Sheer on the body. Stretch net sample

Power Net sample Power Net  Fine fishnet. Control support. Trims the waist and hips! Good grip. Long lasting. Appears lighter and sheerer on the body. Will not run and is snag resistant! Yes, you can still do flutters and belly rolls. Long lasting, the most durable fabric.
Metallic Power Net  Control support. Trims the waist and hips. Available only in style #1!


Stretch Net:  Ivory, nude, tan, black, emerald green, purple

Power Net:  White, nude, tan, black, royal blue, purple, red , turquoise.   Note: RED is only offered in style #1 and style #3 (with or without sleeves.)

White power net or ivory stretch net stockings can be purchased for your own custom dyed stockings. Directions and tips for dyeing with Rit dye will be included on request.

The nude color is a fair, light beige - best worn by those with overall Fair/Light color complexions. The tan is a bit lighter but less red than regular Tan pantyhose. Match your arms, not stomach area! Too light is too noticeable. Color stockings that match the costume are slimming and very professional looking.

Metallic Power Net   Gold on black, silver on black and iris on white. The white iris can be dyed. How about purple iris or blue iris? Just do not get the water too hot. It does dye easily. Available only in style #1.
  Note:  font colors are for emphasis and do not necessarily match the actual net colors.

We do not offer open crotch styles. However, style #1 and also style #3, can easily be "pushed aside" at the crotch when nature calls and placed back when you are done. Much easier and safer than hook or snap anyway!
Style 1 -Stretch Net $16 - Power Net $21 * Metallic or Iris power net $25, add $3.00 for Q sizes - This style has small side seams, trimmed at the waist. It is cut low on the hip and butt to avoid crotch creep. Leg openings will not show above the belt. Covers from the crotch to under the dance bra.
Style 1.5 made in Power Net only - $27*, add $3.00 for Q sizes - Smoothes big thigh bulges. Covers from bra bottom down to mid thigh. It has one single seam up the back. The legs are cut long enough to clear the inner thigh flesh. Does not nip the waist as much since it has one single seam up the back.
Style 1 and 1.5
Style 2- made in: Power Net only $34*, add $5.00 for Q sizes - This style has small seam up the back and up the inner legs. It has a foot gauntlet! It is meant to be worn mid foot with the ball uncovered and a loop to the toe. Black or tan power net only. Covers from bra bottom to mid-foot. Style 2
Style 3- Stretch Net $34, Power Net $42 *, add $5.00 for Q sizes - Similar to a leotard cut but with a DEEP scoop neck. Side seams up the inner arm and down the sides. The sleeve is cut with the softer stretch across the arm for a firm but more comfortable fit. The sleeve ends in a point with a loop to the finger. Guantlet style. Full back coverage. Neckline starts against the back of the neck, then goes down low under the breast to be worn under a dance bra. Available without sleeves. Deduct $10.00 from prices for #3 without arms. Style 3
Style 4-Power Net only $52*, add $7.00 for Q sizes -Full body. Back seam like #2 and a deep scoop neck like #3. Black or tan power net only. Available without sleeves. Deduct $10.00 from prices for #4 without arms. Style 4
sizes: A or B or Q or Q+ ...all sizes are available in Petite length. See below. Fits dress sizes
size Asizes 6/8/10 OR same as small and medium on unitard chart
size Bsizes 12/14/16 OR same as large/XL on unitard chart
size Q (Queen)sizes 18/20 ...Add measurements to description on order form. Queen is best in power net.
size Q+ (Queen Plus)Q+ = 22/24...Add measurements to description on order form. QueenPlus is best in power net.
Stockings are designed to fit heights of 5’5” up to 5’10”. If you are 5’4” or under (or have a short torso) you may request a Petite.

How to hold up your new stocking

Attach hooks at top side and front of bra The power net is strong enough to be held up with strategically placed metal bra/style hooks available from any fabric store. See diagram for suggested placement. Every bra is different. Some people like a hook in the back. You can actually hook into the fabric! You can hold the stretch net up with hooks. But, it may put a small hole in the upper edge of the stocking after 15-20 wearings. If you want 3/8 ” tan elastic to attach as straps to hold up your stocking, just ask!!!

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